If you are like me, it feels like I am always starting (or starting over again). Here are some things to keep in mind and motivate you to start or restart.

Be realistic - start will small goals.

Here are some ideas:

Eat a breakfast high in protein

drink 8-10 glasses of 8 ounces of water today and no food after 7pm

avoid beverages with empty calories in them like sugary drinks and pop

no desserts until the weekend

eat slowly

curb the sweet cravings with grapes, oranges and grapefruit

curb the curnchy cravings with nuts or raw vegetables

take your measurements and document you progress

How do I deal with the temptations of snacking? I am always hungry at 11 am and 2pm - right when breakfast and lunch wear off. What is the best way to curb my cravings?

Pre-plan your snacks!  Many of us are working from home these days. Instead of randomly going to the pantry/refrigerator and staring at all the goodies it has to offer, We recommend you plan out one or 2 snacks.  have them sitting on your kitchen island or in baggies all measured out and ready to snack on.  This alleviates the mindless snacking and is built into your day so you have something to look forward to as well!

some of our favorite snacks are lightly salted almonds, raw veggie sticks, protein packed trail mix, Oranges and grapefruit slices already peeled and ready to snack on, sweet potato chips and steak jerky.  Obviously these all need to be prepped into single servings which sometimes means weighing and measuring.  But, then you won't find yourself over indulging on snacks!