Hi, Tricia!! Wow! I feel so good! The Collagen PM formula is really working! I'm losing inches and it's even cleaning out my varicose veins! My left leg has always given me problems with swelling; now that I am taking the PM formula the swelling has gone down and the varicose veins in my feet and legs are clearing up! I can't believe it. Also, my skin is firmer and I have much more energy! I am also a diabetic and the Collagen helps to keep my blood sugar down and I don't get the shakes when it goes low. I would recommend this product to anyone! I was also suffering from thickening of the nails on my big toe and the toe next to it. Guess what? It's going away too! So to all of America, try it, you will like what it does for your body everywhere! Contact Tricia. She will help you too!
Cleone Watkins from St. Charles, MO