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I can relate to this - especially in the middle of winter

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Chris at Q105

Real Results for Real People

Still going strong and 70 pounds gone! Chris at Q102 found results using CLA, Vitamin B and Collagen AM. Since Chris works such early hours, we were able to find an effective fit for him. Call us and we can help you decide what will work for you also.

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How Vitamin B-12 Can Help

How B-12 Can Help

This testimonial just came in: "I took the Liquid Vitamin B-12 at 1:43 am when I got up to take my daughter to the airport. It made me feel so good - like I had gotten a full 8 hours of sleep!"

Vitamin B-12

Mary Ann

Mary Ann's Story

"I'm a Registered nurse and see many patients who have had surgery to lose weight. Their lifestyle have changed drastically now depending on vitamins and shakes to retain essential vitamins & minerals. In comparison, I found your product & it has changed my life for the better!! So far with the help of the Tummy Saver Package I have lost 68 pounds in 6 months. This really does work! My BP was previously 189/94 and today was 112/74, that’s a significant difference and my doctor is thrilled with my results. Losing weight is an emotional as well as physical battle and I’m so happy to say I feel like I’m winning that battle!!”
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